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Raleigh Digital Marketing Services

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Google Ad Words

Also referred to as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or paid searches, it is one of the most effective and direct methods of driving site to your traffic within a very short amount of time.

Using AdWords gives you a lot of control over your target locations and advertising cost, it gives you a new way to reach customers and expand your reach. Raleigh Digital Marketing’s certified staff will help make sure you’re maximizing your return.

As a digital marking agency, you can trust us to do research on the competition to find out the best ways to beat them, this allows us to build superior ads, waste less, and improve your clicks over time! We try to build a “funnel” to get people straight from those AdWords to your service pages and contact forms, it could be the fastest sale you’ve ever made!

Advertising is the most direct route you can take, you’re essentially paying for the right to be in front of people who are likely looking for your services. For some businesses, this is just the way to go. For others, it’s not at all worth the investment and organic results are going to be better for you.

Search Engine Optimization

There is only room for a very select few businesses at the top of the rankings.

A lot of companies are looking to sell online more in the current market, and if you do that you NEED an SEO campaign! All the steps of SEO are relative to one another.

Some keywords/niches will be easier to rank for, while more competitive ones will be much harder to rank for but return you better results when you do. The thing with keywords that aren’t very competitive is they’re that way for a reason, not many people are looking for them.

So many small parts go into SEO, all of these little factors add something into the google ranking algorithm, depending on the quality of work your rankings will eventually trend up or down. With a professional agency like ourselves, you should see your rankings climbing as we move along!

If you’re expecting to see your rankings and traffic explode instantly, then your thoughts about SEO are just totally wrong, we would suggest you read more about SEO before getting into it. As we’ve said before, search engine optimization is an ongoing process that yields long-term results.

Social Media Marketing Agency

Do you get a lot of your business from referrals or word of mouth?

Utilizing social media properly could open you up to a massive amount of new potential customers. We strongly advise you make social media marketing part of your digital marketing strategy!

We can do supplemental posting for you and help you stay active with customers, making those personal connections that last! Ideally, we can focus on postings and such, and you can confer with customers and maybe make special posts every now and again!

Customers really do like and appreciate interaction with the people they do business with, it adds a more human element to it! A team effort is by far the best way to make a successful social media marketing campaign. Have you ever just interacted with one of your favorite businesses online?

It really makes you remember that they’re just people too, and it makes you feel like they actually care about you!

Digital Marketing IS Competitive

Raleigh and the Triangle area are an ever-growing, competitive place.

While it probably won’t ever be as competitive as a NY City or a Los Angeles, there are a ton of small-medium sized business out there competing for those valuable spots on Google where YOU want YOUR site to be!

The absolute best way to get your site ranking up there among the best is to let a professional agency like our own do it!

We understand most of you work many many hours every week, you don’t have time to focus on all the small points. We do. And it’s our job to know what to look for through the process, your SEO is safe in our hands.

We don’t just do SEO as a “job” we do it because we enjoy it and we’re looking for those good results! Trying to teach yourself search engine optimization by doing it for your own business is admirable, but it’s going to be such a slow process and you can expect yourself to make some mistakes. Do the same thing, get the pros to help you.

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