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2018 is seeing a shift in digital marketing which is surrounded by terms such as social media, SEO and content marketing. Digital marketing is seeing trends and strategies that are brand new and evolving into an era in which it can be considered as high-tech which is why there is a need for businesses to mandatorily use them in their pursuit to success.

As these trends keep changing, what had worked last year may not work this year. Here are some of the digital marketing trends that have been set in 2018.

1.      Chatbots

A very important trend in digital marketing this year has been chatbots. Chatbots are used to interact with customers no matter what time of day it is. This helps businesses meet the ever-increasing customer interaction demands. It is estimated that establishments will save nearly $8 billion per year by the year 2022 solely due to chatbots. Customers are also content with the service that they are provided with as these chatbots give them quick and prompt answers that are to the point.

2.      Personalization


Content that has been personalized has been a vital aspect of marketing this year to ensure the satisfaction of customers. By doing so, businesses are able to deliver content that is uniquely based on their choices and preferences. There is no doubt that this is a better option when compared to the monotonous and generic content that was delivered to everyone. The personalization is done through algorithms that study data such as behavior and purchase history.

3.      Artificial Intelligence


If you think about it, none of the above trends would be possible if it weren’t for AI. Apart from that, AI also plays a role in analyzing search patterns and social media behavior. Businesses can benefit from this by getting a better understanding of how their users or customers find their services. Not only does it help in the accumulation and analysis of information, but it also helps businesses save costs and accelerate growth.

4.      Video

There is no better time, and there possibly won’t be, for video marketing than now. YouTube has recorded mobile video consumption to grow 100% each year whereas product videos have estimated to have helped 90% of customers make a decision when it comes to purchasing. These numbers aren’t just limited to YouTube, even Facebook’s live broadcast and video posts have helped. This is mainly due to the fact that information can be conveyed in a more effective manner when videos that are rich in visuals are used. Blogs are also being replaced by live videos as it is reported that 80% would prefer watching a live video than read a blog.