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Raleigh. The City Of Oaks.

Working with us will get your business so much more exposure from a variety of sources.

We get your name out there to a number of different locations, increasing your brand recognition quickly! With this exposure, you can expect more consistent calls and business. We try to drive people to your site and treat them with the same quality service that we know you do.

We want long term customers visiting you and engaging in your services! It’s always good to get new customers in, but the real money comes from returning customers! Once you start getting more traffic to your site, you can expect to have more money in your pocket regularly!

Do keep in mind, just because you have tons of visitors doesn’t mean that they’re converting. You can have all the visitors in the world and they just don’t matter if nobody is coming back, buying things, or engaging.

Raleigh is one of the more competitive markets out there, with such diversity and so many different businesses, ranking can be difficult. That said, when you ARE able to rank well for your Raleigh keywords, you’ll quickly reap the benefits.

Be smart with your keyword, something like “Raleigh plumber” is going to be VERY competitive. We do research about these things and pick out the best keywords for you to rank for.

Boost Rankings, Increase Customers, Make Money!

seo raleigh ncToday’s businesses rely on great search engine optimization results and placements for multiple keywords to get the most bang for the buck out of their internet marketing. Google, Bing and Yahoo search engine rankings. Google local. Google maps. YouTube videos. Facebook business pages. Twitter. LinkedIn. Directory listings. Reputation management. We can handle so many different facets of information sharing for you.

We want to put customers in contact with the best businesses in the Raleigh area, you. It’s largely assumed that the results on the front page of Google get from 75-85% of the total clicks.

Further narrowed, the top three results take the majority of these clicks. Those numbers mean something, being at the top is truly rewarded. In today’s world, you need SEO to stay relevant in the eyes of customers.

The less you have to focus on things like that, the more you can focus on your business! You can give people those lasting impressions that are so important, they keep people coming back. They DO make a difference!

How Do We Do All Of This?

We use practiced and true SEO methods to get your website, service pages, social media pages, and even more in front of existing and potentially new customers. We’ve been doing this long enough to be sure that it does work, and maybe more importantly we know what doesn’t work. One thing you must accept before anything else, is the fact that ranks can be extremely volatile. Between algorithm changes, temporary drops, and other things, you don’t need to worry about short-term drops.

With so many moving parts, it only takes one little slip to mess up the whole SEO process. If something drastic were to effect you, we have the means and knowledge to get right on turning that around. As you’ll learn with SEO, a lot of things just take time to kick in or get something going. Keep in mind that Google said as of a few years ago they have over 30 trillion web pages indexed. That should be enough to explain to you why it takes more than some keywords on an ugly page to rank well! SEO is an on-going process, always.

Just because you rank well now does NOT mean the job is even close to done. Getting there is just the first step of the process, you need to believe that every single company under you is trying to move up and take your spot. Now you need to work to stay up there, it’s not easy work to stay at the top! When we are able to rank yo at the top though, you will surely be able to tell.

Raleigh Direct Marketing is here to help you. We have spent a long time doing business and making relationships around the Raleigh area and beyond, we are proud to be a part of the communities that we are. Could our Google AdWord services be for you? Or our social media marketing? What about our SEO services? We offer a wide variety of services, a combination of all of them could do amazing things for your business!

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